Swing Into Action with Inside Out Boy!

-2.5D linear beat-em up style gameplay, but with classic comic book art style & edge.

-Use your intestines to fling around the city, sewers, and other interesting areas.

—-Upgrade your intestines to fling farther and travel to the Black Market to purchase new organs and abilities to grow stronger.

—-Fight 6 other super powered bosses in order to save the city from total annihilation!

Who is Inside Out Boy?

Inside Out Boy (IOB) is just a man, a man who when struck with cosmic radiation from a falling meteor gains amazing powers! Unfortunately there's a side effect to all this, his powers turn him inside out (thus Inside Out Boy! So clever). In addition to himself, others were endowed with both powers and curses from the meteor. Now these would-be super villains are wreaking havoc on the city and only IOB has the power to stop them.

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